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K9 Freestyle dog displays

disco a portuguese water dog who is owned by richard curtis and a member of his dancing dogs display teamThis is Disco - Rysalka moon disco, who was born in February 2002 and is a brown Portuguese water dog bit different from my collies, the aim with this dog was to have a fun time and use her to develop my methods of training to help the people I teach with other breeds.

I must admit to being a bit worried "Was I going to be able to teach to the standard I wanted"?? "Were the methods that I have used to teach competition obedience going to work on this other breed"?disco a portuguese water dog who is owned by richard curtis and a member of his dancing dogs display team

In the short time that I have had her she has amazed me with her ability to learn. This is the first dog that I have used more of the clicker training methods , which has been interesting as well. She certainly requires a different approach, needing a lot of motivation but anyone that knows me is aware that people call me "Mr Motivator" as I always seem to be on the go!!

2003 saw Disco firstly qualify for breed at Crufts which was a nice start of her year. Then i plucked up courage to enter her for her first obedience shows in Novice. Out of the two shows she competed at she came first and second which being as the classes disco a portuguese water dog who is owned by richard curtis and a member of his dancing dogs display teamare dominated by Border Collies was particularly pleasing.

2005 saw her perform LIVE!! on Blue peter to promote Crufts and also she entered her first canine freestyle competition performing to Make em laugh a clown routine which suited her well!! amongst hot competition she scored 27.73 WINNING the novice class. This made her the first Portuguese water dog to win in canine freestyle and following that win she performed it again in the special events ring at crufts 2005 which proved popular.

June 2005 saw Disco win her second novice class in obedience at our first obedience show of the year and then she WON Intermediate canine freestyle at Paws n Music show making her the only Portuguese water dog to be Advanced only!Disco performing a canine freestyle routine

In February 2006 Disco competed in the canine freestyle qualifying class for Crufts at Coventry. Performing a routine to Combine Harvester by the Wurzels she got her place to work in the finals at Crufts. For Crufts it was decided to revert back to her clown routine with a different start. Disco did her best considering the distractions around the ring and surprisingly won!! This made her the first PWD to win at such a high level and proved that you don't need a collie to win.

Disco is also a essential member of the K9 freestyle dog display team and can be relied upon to provide crowd entertainment with her different haircut and mad personality she is always very popular with the audience.