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Trevor is not exactly a popular sheepdog name but it certainly gives him personality. He is a Border Collie from ISDS lines with many scottish dogs in his pedigree. He wasnt exactly a planned addition to the crew but quickly showed a good attitude in all areas of training.

Since he arrived in May 2012 he has taken part in every display. Trevor was a pro at demonstrating the process of teaching a young dog and took everything in his stride including working in wet weather and thunder. Away from displays he has progressed well with his freestyle / HTM training and now just needs to grow up.

At six months he had his first attempts at herding and is certainly interested in the sheep! During 2013 his sheepdog work should progress as well as his freestyle and he will also work in the K9 quackers sheepdog and duck herding show for details visit www.sheepdogdisplays.com