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Workshops avaliable

The following workshops can be taught by Richard if you would like to book him please contact him on richard@k9freestyle.co.uk

Heelwork to music / freestyle workshop - this is the most popular workshop which has been developed over the many years Richard has been teaching. These workshops can be a basic course for handlers that have never done the sport or if the handlers are competing then this allows Richard to extend their training and give them other ideas for moves etc. The best amount of handlers on a course is around fifteen as this is a manageable amount and allows Richard to spend a bit of time with all handlers individually as well as doing the group work. Richard says "my thinking is that if the handlers and dogs do not go home tired I have not worked them hard enough!!"

Crash course choreography - a one day workshop where handlers are taken through the process of developing a routine. From choosing the music through to the handlers performance in the ring this day will help you construct a winning routine

Energise your obedience - this workshop is aimed at putting the zing back into your obedience with lots of excercises to make your training a bit more interesting. Especailly useful for Beginners / novice level but also a good reminder course for handlers in higher classes.

Take the class - Teaching other people is not easy so this day workshop is aimed at improving your teaching skills. From class control to constructing a good class are items that will be covered plus of course how to deal with those more testing of pupils !!

To book Richard for one of the above workshops please email on richard@k9freestyle.co.uk or go to the event diary page to see if there are any workshops with spaces scheduled

Workshops in other countries do need to be booked well in advanced.

For details of workshops being held by clubs go to the events page

One to one private lessons

Perhaps you need some help with a routine or just need guidance on how to get started. A one to one lesson is basically guided by you so feel free to do whatever you feel you need work on.


Regular Daytime workshops

Regular monthly weekday workshops are being taught by Richard at the IABTC centre at Haxey. Preference will be given to those handlers who would like to attend on a regular basis but places are sometimes available for handlers who might want to attend for just one month

For details of the dates contact Angela for more details and to book a place angelawhite@iabtc.co.uk


Regular monthly workshops in Northampton on a friday once a month

Places available for handlers who want to attend every month or just an odd month

A handler and her dog at one of Richards workshops in the USA A handler and dog learning how to become a dancing dog    

 A young dog in training for heelwork to musicA dancing dog at an event in IrelandA jump move as performed in canine freestyle or heelwork to music

contact Richard for the organisers details